Professional Website Development and Graphic Designs from Jamaica

Terms of Service

Content of Artwork

In keeping with the Christian principles on which G-SC Designs was founded and continues to maintain, we may find it necessary to deny service in particular instances. G-SC Designs reserves the right to withhold service from clients requesting material which G-SC Designs considers to be offensive, explicit, vulgar, provocative, harmful in nature or relating to the consumption or use of alcohol, narcotics or any such harmful substance.

Time Periods

Due to the limitless variables involved in any project, any time period quoted for completion must be regarded as only an approximation and may increase as needed.


Quotations given by G-SC Designs rarely ever exceed final costs. However, any quotation given by G-SC Designs to any client is subject to amendment based on reasonable changes in the scope or nature of a project, additional information rendered by clients or previously unforeseen requirements.

Down Payments

G-SC Designs reserves the right to request a down payment for any work at its discretion, especially for Websites, Presentations, long-term projects, or in the case of first-time clients.

Return of Funds

Under no circumstance will G-SC Designs return payment made on projects which have already been started or completed.


G-SC Designs accepts checks made out to “G-SC Designs” or “Sheldon Coke”. Payment may be made in cash. In the case of down payments, projects will be started only after the check has been verified. In the case of final or full payments, final artwork will be handed over after payment is made and verified.


From time to time, G-SC Designs may offer design services at drastically reduced prices. These Specials are usually time-limited and will be invalid after said time-period has expired. Expiration will not affect the discounted cost of any project accepted under such Specials.

Website Maintenance

After a website is designed and uploaded, G-SC Designs will provide limited-training in the usage and update of your website. If support extends beyond what G-SC Designs deems as a reasonable time-period, a fee will be charged for any such training or changes made to the website.

If website maintenance services are required, a retainer contract would be a more cost-effective alternative (see below).

Retainer Contracts

For long-term or frequently changing projects, a retainer contract may be more cost effective for you. Under such a contract, after limitations and conditions are agreed upon, a set fee will be charged per period (eg., weekly, monthly etc.) while work continues on your project, rather than on a per-artwork basis. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.